Friday, October 28, 2016

New Arts Venue: A Traveling Arts and Entertainment Venue by Rolando Chang Barrero

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New Arts Venue is the brainchild of Rolando Chang Barrero, who has been organizing arts and entertainment events in Palm Beach County for more than a half of a decade since he arrived from South Beach in 2010.

New Arts Venue draws for the best elements of some of Rolando Chang Barrero's most successful art projects and will pair them up with non-profits in need of fundraising, new businesses seeking to promote themselves in an extraordinary way, or private individuals looking to celebrate a special occasion and support the local art scene at the same time.

Rolando Chang Barrero is committed to finding new and innovative ways to  jumpstart the careers of young artist, mid career artist, and professional artists that are under represented. New Arts Venue follows a string of successful projects and programs he has initiated through his own 30 year career as an artist and arts advocate.

New Arts Venue will produce it's first project during
A benefit event for Art Synergy on Saturday, January 21, 2017

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